Reading-Inspired Indoor Activities + FREE Storybook Bingo

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Inside: Reading-Inspired Indoor Activities + FREE Storybook Bingo

When you’re stuck inside for extended periods of time, your creative activity ideas (and patience) can begin to run thin. Out come the screens just to keep everyone quiet and calm for awhile. But you can’t do that all day, right?

You’ve watched movies, played board games, built with blocks, and eaten all the snacks. Now what?

We have a free resource to mix things up in a fun, reading-inspired way. Plus, we’ve got ideas to get you started with this family activity!

Ready for some indoor fun? Read on!

Storybook Bingo

This FREE PDF download is filled with ways to get your family moving, reading, and thinking in creative way.

The Storybook Bingo page includes:

  • All indoor activities (for when you can’t leave the house)
  • Story-inspired ways get your kids moving
  • Creative storytelling activities
  • Reading idea prompts
  • Drawing, building, and other creative thinking
  • Tons of fun for the family!

You’ll have plenty of ideas to beat boredom and get your kids reading and thinking in unexpected ways.

Storybook Bingo

Download the FREE Storybook Bingo here!

Reading Ideas

We have a Book Finder tool full of categorized reading ideas for you! Simply filter your search by age, genre, topic, and more to populate a list in seconds. And it’s completely free to use.

If you can’t make a trip to the library or book store, there are plenty of ways to access books online, including several free ways.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to get :

  • Audible (audio books) – The Audible app is free to download. Search for discounted audio books! Or get your first audio book for free when you sign up. We use it regularly and highly recommend!
  • Kindle Books (ebooks) – Many great chapter books and picture books are available to purchase and read on the free Kindle app.
  • Library apps (free audio books and ebooks) –  Access your library’s free digital collection through OverDrive, Libby, RBDigital, Hoopla, or other app (see what your library recommends).
  • LibriVox (free audio books) – Audio versions of public domain books recorded by volunteers around the world.
  • Loyal Books (free audio books and ebooks) – Public domain audio books and ebooks downloads.
  • Project Gutenberg (free ebooks) – Public domain ebooks…no app needed

Want a super fast idea? Here’s a list of 5 fabulous audio versions of classic books.

Five Great Audio Book Classics for Families

Book Guides & Resources

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the stories you read together! We have tons of Learning Through Literature resources full of ideas to Read, Explore, and Discuss books as family.

Browse our chapter books guides in the Building Character Through Books series.

See all of our FREE picture book guides and reading resources for picture books.

You’ll never regret the time you spend together engaging deeply with wonderful books. They’re memories that last a lifetime!

Whether you’re temporarily house-bound or simply looking for fresh reading inspiration, we hope these ideas kickstart some fun family experiences centered around great books!

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