Homeschool Help! 5 Simple & Fun Homeschooling Ideas

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Inside: Homeschool Help! 5 Simple & Fun Homeschooling Ideas

Sometimes homeschooling can feel like a push into the deep end, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed. You can keep everyone engaged and learning at home with simple ideas and resources.

Keep reading for easy steps to help you homeschool and enjoy it.

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Homeschool Help! 5 Simple & Fun Homeschooling Ideas

1. Read Together…as much as you can.

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The benefits of reading aloud to kids are simply astounding. All kinds of amazing growth happens through it. It’s like you get triple impact for time spent. When in doubt, begin with reading!

Grab a stack of books sitting on your shelf, and dive in. Engage with the stories. Discuss what you read. Enjoy the connection time.

Need ideas for books to read? Use our FREE Book Finder tool and customize your search for age, topic, and more.

Kids got the wiggles? Here are some ideas to keep their bodies busy while you read aloud.

Access FREE e-books and audio books through these options:

  • Library Apps (check if your local library uses OverDrive, Libby, RBDigital, Hoopla or a similar app)
  • Audible (free app + first audio book is free!)
  • Librivox (free public domain audio books)
  • Loyal Books (free public domain audio books and e-books)
  • Project Gutenberg (free e-books in the public domain)


Want to double the impact with those great books you read to your kids? Explore + Discuss the stories!

Download our FREE book guides with fun Learning + Activity Ideas for great stories.

See our 4-Week Book Guides for month-long learning, discussion, and project ideas planned for you.

Download our FREE resource with 4 Steps to Learn Through Books to create your own plan.

Grab a book off the shelf and start reading! You’ll engage your child’s mind in unmeasurable ways.

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2. Explore Poetry, Music, and Art

Now’s the perfect time to delight in things that sometimes (unfortunately) get lower priority. But these are the things that nourish your child’s soul.

Here are simple ways to begin:

Fill their minds with beauty and goodness, and you’ll be astonished at the connections they make.

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3. Nature & Science Study

Simple nature and science study can happen happen without even leaving your backyard. Here are some ways to engage your kids with nature and science at home:

4. Geography Study

The world is the limit! Look at a map and have your kids choose a list of countries they want to explore.

For each country, you might:

  • Draw a map highlighting important cities and landmarks.
  • Learn about the language.
  • Explore key moments in the country’s history.
  • Find recipes and make an authentic meal or dessert.
  • Listen to examples of traditional music.
  • Look at images of the landscape.
  • Learn about the country’s main sources of industry.

You might also consider creating a geography notebook for your child to gather the information you explore together. This is a great way to record what’s learned and lots of fun to look at later.

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5. Math Skills, Critical Thinking, & More

Does this worry you most? It shouldn’t. Math and critical thinking practice can look a lot different when you step outside of a traditional classroom. And it can even be delightful.

When you’re getting started at home, here are some fun and simple ways to sharpen these skills:

  • Complete a puzzle (while listening to an audio book).
  • Play board games together.
  • Practice math facts with card games or dice games.
  • Give building challenges with LEGO or wooden blocks.
  • Bake together and let your child calculate what’s needed.
  • Make charts and graphs of things in your home (or types of desserts, movie categories, etc.)
  • Look for math in nature (shapes, patterns, symmetry, etc.)

Use this time to take mathematics off the page and into the world around your child. They’ll make new connections and see the value of real-life application.

These ideas provide tons of options to begin learning at home and loving it. Whether your homeschool journey is short-term or something you’ll continue, you can relax and know your child is engaging and growing in fun, simple ways.

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