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Learn About Winter with Great Books + FREE Snow Guide

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Inside: Learn About Winter with Great Books + FREE Snow Guide

Winter breaks provide a much-needed time to catch your breath after busy holiday months. However, sometimes it’s hard to fill all of those delightfully empty days with intentional, yet still relaxing, things to do with your family.

We have a solution to help you beat winter break boredom in your home.

How does this sound? Peaceful, relaxed learning centered around reading great books.

We’ve got you covered with two ways to do exactly that.

1. Download the FREE Winter Snow Mini-Unit Learning Guide

Learn About Winter with Great Books + FREE Snow Unit Download

The Learning Guide covers:

  • Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (the first person to photograph snowflakes)
  • Science of snow (how it is created, weather conditions, etc.)
  • Booklist for snow-themed story time
  • Animals in the winter
  • Winter learning activities
  • Simple art projects
  • Sensory project ideas

2. A Winter Snow Mini-Unit Learning Guide

Now, grab some winter books (see #3 below) and our FREE PDF Guide for some simple, intentional learning. It’s still all about relaxed reading time but with a little more direction.

Your time together will be centered around read-aloud time and nature study. (And if you don’t already know, we’re big fans of the benefits of reading aloud and the benefits of nature study with kids.)

3. Read Books About Winter

Grab a handful of these winter-themed books, curl up together on the couch, and read to your heart’s content. There’s tons of learning to uncover in the stories, and a little discussion of what is learned will help solidify some of that knowledge.

Over and Under the Snow
Owl Moon
The Snowy Day
Snowflake Bentley
Twelve Kinds of Ice
The Mitten
It’s Snowing!
Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter
White Snow, Bright Snow
Katy and the Big Snow
The Mitten
The Big Snow
The Happy Day
The Tomten
Snowflakes in Photographs
The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder
Curious About Snow
Snow Is Falling
Over the River and Through the Wood
Wolf in the Snow
Winter is Here
Snowflakes Fall
The Three Snow Bears
All You Need for a Snowman
Animals in Winter
When It Starts to Snow
Red Sled
Time to Sleep
In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
Bear Has a Story to Tell
Winter Dance
The Snowy Nap
Bear Snores On
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Brambly Hedge: Winter Story
A Loud Winter’s Nap
Ten Ways to Hear Snow
Extra Yarn
Big Snow
Ollie’s Ski Trip
The Hat
The Most Perfect Snowman
The Reader
Terrible Storm
Mama, Do You Love Me?
The Wish Tree
Hanna’s Cold Winter
First Snow
Missuk’s Snow Geese
Bunny Slopes
Little Penguins
Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle: How Animals Get Ready for Winter
Before Morning
Samson in the Snow
Winter Is the Warmest Season
When the Snow Falls
Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee
Small Walt
So Far from the Sea

Snowflake Bentley Video

Also, Amazon offers a short film featuring the book Snowflake Bentley, which is highlighted in our free learning guide. We recommend watching it with Section One of the guide.

Amazon Prime Members can access here for free. 

Non-Prime Members can get it here.

With the Winter Snow Learning Guide, you’ll get in some sneaky, relaxed learning over the holiday break ​and​ some cozy family connection time.

Happy Reading!

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