The Constellations: Stars & Stories

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The Constellations: Stars & Stories

The Constellations: Stars & Stories: It's not always easy to find the 88 constellations, but this illustrated guidebook leads you through the stars and makes stargazing a meaningful experience.

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About the Book

The Constellations: Stars & Stories: It’s not always easy to find the 88 constellations, but this illustrated guidebook will lead you through the stars and make gazing at them a more meaningful experience.

Two larger constellation maps portray the entire northern and southern sky, and all the constellations in it. Because the stars put on different “seasonal shows,” another set charts the changes that take place in the heavens during the year.

Still more pictures in The Constellations: Stars & Stories present a close-up view of every single constellation, filled with detail. (You’ll see an image of the real or imaginary creature it’s named after, too.)

And, there’s so much great information accompanying the super visuals: facts on how far away the stars really are, other interstellar phenomena, the history of every constellation and how they got their names, and the best way to do your star searching.

A Few Reviews:

“Great book that tells the stories of the constellations. Each has some background regarding who named them and some of the legends surrounding each. I had never heard of some of the constellations listed. In the back, it shows you a map of where to look in the sky to find each constellation, along with the time of year to look.

“I got this book for my 6 year old daughter. She loves looking at the pictures and we read the stories to her. It’s a bit wordy, but she loves it.” –Amazon Reviewer Michael S.

The Constellations offers a lot of information, good star stories, especially for teaching beginning astronomy classes. Very enjoyable, good reading, lots of information that was new to me, even though I have been teaching about the sky for a long time. I recommend this book to any teacher needing constellation star stories, and also to beginners. Fun and valuable.” –Amazon Reviewer Michael  

“Great book with details of many constellations. Does not include some of the quirky weird details of some of the constellations, which I appreciate especially since I read it to my 4 year old.” –Amazon Reviewer

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