Free Poetry Resource for Kids

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Inside: Free Poetry Resource for Kids

Welcome to Learning Through Literature’s Poem of the Month – a FREE Monthly Poetry Resource where we provide the best poems for kids!

The Best Classic Poems for Kids to Memorize

We believe the following about poetry:

  • It shouldn’t be intimidating.
  • You don’t need an English degree to understand it.
  • Absolutely everyone can enjoy it.
  • Reading poems to children is important.
  • Reading poems to children can be delightful.

Do you feel that way? Or are you hesitant to dive in?

Reading poetry with your children can be simple and easy. In fact, it can become one of your family’s favorite things.

Our Poem of the Month resource will help you engage your children with great poetry. We want to make it easier to read, memorize, and enjoy it with your kids. Don’t let a little intimidation cause you to miss out on an entire genre of literature.

Here’s why reading and memorizing poetry is powerful for children.

Feeling ready to read some poems? Below are the details of our FREE Poem of the Month resource and how to use it.

What is the Poem of the Month – FREE Monthly Resource?

The goal is to make it easier to dive into poetry with your children. And there’s no charge for this, ever. We just love poetry a lot and want to help you love it, too.

Once a month, you’ll receive an email with a link to a PDF document that includes the following:

  • A poem
  • Quick bio of poet
  • Poetry terms to explore and discuss
  • Examples of those terms from the poem
  • Titles of other notable poems to explore (related ones or by the same poet)

Simply open the PDF document, print or save to a device, and reference it when you’re ready to share it with your kids.

Sign Up for the FREE Poem of the Month

Enter your email address using the form below, click subscribe, and you’ll be signed up to receive our FREE Poem of the Month emails plus Learning Through Literature newsletter emails.

Once confirmed in your inbox, you’ll be redirected to a page with the current month’s poem PDF document. We’ll send a link to each subsequent poem in an email at the beginning the month.

You’re already on your way to the amazing benefits that poetry offers your whole family.

How to Use Poem of the Month at Home

Poem of the Month - FREE Monthly Resource

We won’t tell you how you must use the Poem of the Month in your home, but we do have some ideas on how to make it fun and get the most out of using the resource.

Some tips for using POTM:

  1. Read for enjoyment. Start by reading the poem with the goal of simply sharing something wonderful with your kids. But no pressure for them to understand or find sudden inspiration to major in English literature. Just enjoy it together and have light conversation about it.
  2. Encourage interest with snacks. It’s a scientific fact, right? If you add food, kids will be more interested in participating. Also, their mouths will be occupied, which frees up their ears to listen.
  3. Consider having Poetry Teatime (tea not required). Julie Bogart created the Poetry Teatime concept to encourage families to make a regular habit of gathering for tea, snacks, and poetry. It’s delightful, and weaving it into routine means it’s more likely to happen. p.s. – Lemonade is a lovely replacement if you don’t like tea.
  4. Memorize the poem as a family. It’s much more fun when everyone participates. A memorized poem becomes part of family culture. Don’t be surprised when one of you quotes a line and you all understand exactly what they mean.
  5. Keep it light and fun. Don’t make an academic study of it. Yes, we included poetry devices to learn and explore, but that doesn’t mean you need to dissect the thing word for word. (Please don’t.) The terms are included to build familiarity and to encourage engagement.

We hope this FREE Resource encourages you to add poetry reading to your family’s read-aloud time. Read poems, delight in them together, and connect as a family.

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  1. We have absolutely loved reading these poems each month! Thank you for creating this and offering it for free:) !

    1. Learning Through Literature says:

      It’s our pleasure!

  2. How lovely that you want to share the love, and for free, that’s a kind thing to do! I love a good poem but I have never really thought of sharing this with my children, it was a thing I loved from childhood, but sadly got left behind as I grew up, I must admit that I feel intimidated at the thought of sharing with the kids, it’s pressure to interpret correctly, but i’ll give it a go, and keep it light hearted, the extra info about poet and poem is incredibly useful
    Thank you so very much for sharing 😁

  3. Thank you so much for creating this resource! I love it!

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