Secret of the Andes Book Guide


Open your child’s heart…

The book guide for Secret of the Andes explores story-related learning topics about the Inca Empire, life in the Peruvian Andes, and much more! When you explore this book, your kids will connect to the story and remember what they’ve learned, which will stay with them long after the story is finished.

Recommended for ages 7+.

Plus, as a family, you’ll…

⭐️ Learn about the ancient Inca Empire

⭐️ Explore Geography, Culture, & Landmarks of Peru

⭐️ Learn about Llamas & other Peruvian animals

⭐️ Expand your study with an exclusive Related Reading Booklist

⭐️ Enjoy Hands-on Activities, Discussion, & Story Celebration

⭐️ BONUS: Literature-based Language Arts! A Simple, Charlotte Mason-Inspired Plan for adding language arts.

NOTE: This product includes a PDF guide only.

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What others are saying about our guides…

The guides from Learning Through Literature have been one of our favorite resources. They immerse us deeply into the time and culture of the stories and make learning meaningful and lasting. The best part is doing a book party at the end! Perfect for homeschool or any family who wants to read good literature together.  – Amanda W.

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What’s included in the Secret of the Andes Book Guide

⭐️ Learning Ideas: Explore geography, history, culture, and add depth and understanding to the story.

??‍♀️ Meaningful Discussion: Connect with your kids as you discuss thought-provoking questions.

? Hands-on Activities & Projects: Enjoy fun, story-related activities and projects.

? Related Reading Booklist: Delight even more in the story with our exclusive list of related books and poems.

⭐️ Week-to-Week Plan: Enjoy peace of mind with an open-and-go format that walks you step-by-step through the guide.

 ? Story Celebration Plan: Wrap up the story with a fun, interactive party.

⭐️ BONUS: Literature-based Language Arts! A Simple, Charlotte Mason-inspired Plan for adding language arts.

Follow this 4-week guide to engage deeply with the Secret of the Andes and the valuable lessons it teaches about Patience and Responsibility.

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How the Guide Works

The Secret of the Andes – Book Guide is a 4-week, literature-based learning guide that walks you through the story with these weekly sections:

  • Read & Explore
    • Weekly chapters to read
    • Story-related learning topics (history, locale, culture, etc.)
  • Expand & Discuss
    • Related reading ideas (poem and picture books)
    • Hands-on activities & project ideas
    • Meaningful discussion questions & prompts
  • Story Celebration Plan
    • Book party ideas for the final week
    • Step-by-step Story Celebration plan

How we choose books for this series

Each book has been thoughtfully chosen based on the following requirements:

  • Does the story compel readers to connect with characters and their struggles?
  • Does the storytelling allow for meaningful discussions?
  • Does the story inspire readers to desire stronger character?

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Add in an art!

We’ve partnered with Marrissa Raimonde from Yellow Spot:Sun to bring you amazing art packets that work alongside our guides. Marrissa has created a resource called Secret of the Andes – An Art Lesson to coordinate with this guide.

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What others are saying about our guides:

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been able to use a literature guide as well as we have this week with your guide for Snow Treasure. There is just the right amount of info for exploration and to possibly lead us to further study but not so much that I lose their interest with it. There’s a perfect blend of info I read to them, videos to watch, pictures to view and activity to engage us. This is very much how the learning unfolds when I read a book without a guide but you’re giving me some extra help because I don’t always know about a topic or I don’t have the time to sort through YouTube videos to see what would be most fitting for us as a family. I’ve been a long time user of another writing curriculum that has very similar methods but the choice of books and the lack of informative substance in the guides has shifted in the recent years and is much less appealing to our family. I’m sad about that loss, but I learned so much about how to really enjoy books with my kids using these methods such as your guide does! I just had to reach out and say thank you for introducing us to a lovely book and feeding our hearts and minds with the information you’ve gathered so beautifully for us. –M.G.

First of all, let me just say this guide is INCREDIBLE! It’s a great mix of reading, discussion and hands-on to keep everyone engaged, even across different age groups.  —Elizabeth H.

I just wanted to tell you how much your resources have been a blessing to me. Your site is wonderful and I eagerly look forward to future guides. I also love your poem of the month.  The thing I am enjoying about your stuff is its simplicity.  It’s easy to use.  I am homeschooling 4 young children (ages 4-9) and my husband works long hours and some weekends so if something is not “easy” this mom just cannot do it very long or very well. — Meghan S.

I just wanted to thank you for our Number the Stars book guide… The Number the Stars packet offered exactly the right amount of history, research, imagination, linking, reflection, and thoughtful writing prompts. You’ve really created a wonderful teaching program with extraordinary content. I’m very grateful for all your efforts, and am highly recommending your website, book lists, and guides to teachers and parents, both in and outside our school. —Elizabeth

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