Poem of the Month (Vol. 1) – Poetry Collection


Poem of the Month (Vol. 1) is a collection of poems to enjoy with your children every month of the year. Begin any time of the year! (This resource includes previous selections from our Poem of the Month resource.)

12 Months of Poems to enjoy throughout the year.

+ Discussion Ideas to help you read, explore, and discuss one main poem a month.

+ Poems for every week of each month. One to explore and discuss…three to simply enjoy.

Monthly format makes it easy to begin at any time during the year.

What others are saying about Poem of the Month:

These are seriously the best poetry resources I’ve come across in all my years of homeschooling. Thank you again. – Pam R.”

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Why You Need this Resource

Poetry stretches our minds and provides new ways of understanding and communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings. For children, reading and memorizing poetry can translate to academic and emotional benefits, such as developing vocabulary, expanding communication skills, encouraging creativity, improving critical thinking, and promoting empathy.

Here are some tips for enjoying poetry in your home on a regular basis:

  • Read for enjoyment. Keep it light and fun. Start with the goal of simply sharing something wonderful with your kids. No pressure to understand everything. Just enjoy some poems together and have lighthearted conversation about what you read.
  • Have Poetry Teatime. Make it memorable. Set aside a time (each week or month) to gather for tea, snacks, and poetry reading. Use the fancy cups. Include or make a favorite snack. Light a candle. Swap tea for lemonade or juice, if desired. The main idea is to make the time together special and fun.
  • Memorize a poem together. A memorized poem becomes part of your family culture. It becomes shared language for understanding. It will be a complete delight when one of you quotes a poetry line during a situation and everyone in the family understands.

Benefits of Poetry

Poetry fills the mind with new ways of communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings. For children, who are daily learning and growing in this ability, that translates to both academic and emotional benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Develops vocabulary
  2. Expands communication skills
  3. Encourages creativity
  4. Improves critical thinking
  5. Promotes empathy

Engage your child’s mind with poetry all year long with the Poem of the Month Poetry Collection!

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