Fin M’Coul Learning + Activity Guide


Fin M’Coul is one of our favorite Irish folk tales to read on St. Patrick’s Day. And it’s also is a great way to spark some learning about Ireland. Because of this, we’ve created a simple activity and learning guide to go with the story.

You can explore and enjoy this Irish folk tale a little further with some intentional learning when you download our FREE printable: Fin M’Coul Book Guide. It’s all about relaxed reading and learning time sprinkled with lots of fun.

The Guide includes:

+ Facts about The Giant’s Causeway (including comments from an Irish friend!)

+ Simple questions to spark conversation

+ Hands-on activities (including fun snack ideas inspired by the story)

+ An Irish poem to read together

+ Book list for other stories to explore

Click here for a list of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day books

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Did you know that you can use any great story to take children on engaging, purposeful learning adventures? All you need is a little navigation.

Think of these ideas as a compass for your journey rather than turn-by-turn directions. You make the learning adventures what you want them to be and create something that works for your family.

This FREE guide includes two types of learning adventures: Book Theme Activities and Language Arts Activities. The first is inspired by a book’s theme, and the other can be done with any well-written story.

We hope these ideas inspire you to find a great book to read with your kids, engage deeply in the story, and help them create strong connections to knowledge.

Search the Learning Through Literature Book Finder for more great books to enjoy as a family.

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