The Family Under the Bridge Book Guide


Open your child’s heart…

This book guide for The Family Under the Bridge helps you explore the importance of generosity and dignity. Uncover story layers and give your child an understanding of generosity and dignity that will stay with them long after the book is finished.

Plus, as a family, you’ll…

⭐️ Explore Christmas traditions in France

⭐️ Learn about Paris architecture, culture, & more

⭐️ Discuss how Generosity & Dignity impact the story

⭐️ Learn about the culture of the Roma (or gypsy) people

⭐️ Explore other topics like geography, history, and more to add depth to your family reading time!

⭐️ NEW BONUS! – Literature-based Language Arts. A Simple, Charlotte Mason-Inspired Plan for adding language arts.

Great for kids age 6+

NOTE: This product includes a PDF guide only.

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What people are saying about our guides…

“First of all, let me just say this guide is INCREDIBLE! It’s a great mix of reading, discussion and hands-on to keep everyone engaged, even across different age groups.” Elizabeth H.

Note: Because this is an electronic item, the guides are non-refundable. Be sure to read our Description below for more information about this guide.



What’s included in the The Family Under the Bridge Book Guide

💡 Learning Ideas: Explore geography, history, culture, and add depth and understanding to the story.

🙌 Meaningful Discussion: Connect with your kids as you discuss thought-provoking questions.

🎨 Hands-on Activities & Projects: Add a memory peg with fun, story-related activities and projects.

📚 Related Reading Ideas: Delight even more in the story with related books and poems.

📓 Chapter-by -Chapter Plan: Enjoy peace of mind with an open-and-go format that walks you step-by-step through the guide.

🎉 Story Celebration Plan: Wrap up the story with a fun, interactive party.

⭐️ NEW BONUS! – Literature-based Language Arts. A Simple, Charlotte Mason-Inspired Plan for adding language arts.

Follow this guide to engage deeply with The Family Under the Bridge Book Guide and the valuable lessons it teaches about Generosity and Dignity!

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How the Guide Works

The Family Under the Bridge Book Guide is a chapter-by-chapter plan to read the book together, explore story-related learning topics, expand to related reading and activities, and have meaningful discussion times.

Here is what you will find within chapter sections:

  • A prompt to READ the chapter.
  • Information to EXPLORE topics within the chapter
    • Story-related topics to deepen understanding and connection
    • Dig Deeper sections for more in-depth exploring
  • Fun activity ideas to EXPAND story elements
  • Meaningful questions to DISCUSS the chapter
  • Story Celebration Ideas
    • Costume, food, decor ideas
    • Activity suggestions
    • Project ideas

Add in an art option!

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We’ve partnered with Marrissa Raimonde from Yellow Spot:Sun to bring you amazing art packets that work alongside our guides. These are available to purchase separately and designed to complement our guides.

👉 Spending Time with The Family Under the Bridge Art Packet from Yellow Spot:Sun!

How we choose books for this series

Each book has been thoughtfully chosen based on the following requirements:

  • Does the story compel readers to connect with characters and their struggles?
  • Does the storytelling allow for meaningful discussions?
  • Does the story inspire readers to desire stronger character?

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