Charlotte’s Web

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Charlotte’s Web

It's hard to choose a favorite character from Charlotte's Web. If you somehow managed to get through childhood without reading it, be sure to have a tissue nearby for the ending.

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About the Book

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web was written by American author Elwyn Brooks (E. B.) White. The book was well-received when it was first published in 1952 and continues to be one of the most beloved American children’s books of all time.

It’s a celebration of life, kindness, friendship, and the power of words. The story gently handles difficult topics like death in a way that touches the reader’s heart and leaves a lasting impression.

We appreciate how E. B. White refused to write “down” to children and, instead, respected his young readers’ ability to absorb and process complex topics on their own level.

It’s a must-read for every child. ❤️

The story would not be complete without the recognizable artwork by Garth Williams. His beloved images have made this book a treasured favorite for generations.

We recommend Charlotte’s Web for ages 6 and up. It’s a perfect read-aloud for kids who are ready for slightly longer chapter books. (But be sure to have tissues ready for everyone!)

Want to make this story even more memorable? We have a Charlotte’s Web Story Celebration Guide that includes a variety of ideas for you to create a fun gathering with your family or with a group of book club friends after you’ve read the story.Charlottes Web Story Celebration Guide iPad Cover

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