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Autumn Reading Bucket List with FREE Printable

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Inside: Autumn Bucket List with FREE Printable

By now, you’re well into fall mode with a regular routine and weekly commitments. Activities and routine can be great, but sometimes things can crowd out your commitment to regular read-aloud time.

If you’ve lost some of that reading momentum left over from the Summer Reading Bucket List, then we’ve got you covered with ideas to renew it this season.

We want to help your kids stay reading this fall because we know you’ll love the benefits:

  • Connecting as a family
  • Less screen time
  • Kids trying new books

(And that’s not to mention the many other benefits of reading aloud to your kids!)

Autumn Reading Bucket List with FREE Printable

Simplifying Things

We like to keep it simple around here. And we know you don’t need one more piece of paper to keep track of this school year.

You want to do more than survive the fall. You want to thrive. You want to make time to connect as a family and spark a love of reading in your home.

We’ve got you covered with something simple. Yes, it’s a piece of paper. But we promise it’s full of potential. This is not a checklist of shoulds. It’s inspiration for some family reading fun.

Simplified Autumn Reading Bucket List

Autumn Reading Bucket List with FREE Printable

The Autumn Reading Bucket List is nice and simple. We chose only a handful of suggestions for each category. With these ideas, you’ll have a few simple, attainable goals to kickstart your family’s fall reading.

It can be a reminder to set aside read-aloud time, which we know you already want. The list is fairly short, totally do-able, and won’t take you until the new year to complete.

Print it, tape it up, and get that easy win.

We suggest completing this one together as a family. The summer is a great time to encourage independent readers to try new books on their own. However, this busy season is the perfect time to gather everyone together for a family activity.

Bucket List Sections

The bucket list is broken into a few sections for simpler goal setting. Here’s what you’ll find.

  1. Types of books to read. Sometimes we need a nudge to pick up a book at the library or from our own bookshelves. Got a book about apples? Or one about the life cycle of trees? Read it. Check it off.
  2. Places to read. Take books outside with a blanket. Read around a campfire. You get the idea. Encourage kids that reading can be done anywhere. As they say, books are portable magic.
  3. Book Scavenger Hunt. This is where easy crossover happens and multiple boxes can be checked. A type of book you choose from the first section might have a character type listed on the book scavenger hunt. Win, win.

Get Your Autumn Reading Bucket List Below!

We’ve created a fun Autumn Reading Bucket List that you can download for free. To download the FREE Autumn Reading Bucket List, click the orange button below. You’ll be taken to the Freebies section our Shop.

What About Age Ranges?

We’re all for kids reading outside of age recommendations when it’s appropriate. A great book a little below their level can do more for reading enjoyment than any ol’ book on the shelf with their age listed on it. A great book is always a better choice.

Books for Autumn Reading

Have a variety of books to accomplish more in a shorter time. Read a stack of picture books to check off some boxes, and read aloud from a longer chapter book to complete a few others.

Bottom Line: You’re going to connect as a family, accomplish this list, and spark renewed interest in reading this fall.

See a few of our Fall Favorites below.

How Do Apples Grow?
In November
Johnny Appleseed
Because of an Acorn
Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
Fall Leaves
Over the River and Through the Wood
Johnny Appleseed
Sky Tree
Busy Little Squirrel
Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter
When The Wind Stops
The Little Scarecrow Boy
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
Leaf Man
Apple Picking Time
Apples, Apples Everywhere!
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Pumpkin Moonshine
Look What I Did with a Leaf!
Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Fall Walk
Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
It’s Pumpkin Time!
Pumpkin Trouble
Bear Has a Story to Tell
Leaves Fall Down
Tell Me, Tree
This Is NOT a Pumpkin
Apple Farmer Annie
Count Down to Fall
Little Blue Truck’s Halloween
It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!
The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin
A House in the Woods
Leaf Jumpers
Possum’s Harvest Moon
We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
The Very Best Pumpkin
Yellow Time
Hello, Fall!
Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide-and-Squeak
Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin
Thanksgiving in the Woods
Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’
Apple Cake: A Gratitude
We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The Autumn Visitors
Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep
Apples and Robins
Orange Pear Apple Bear
The Apple Pie Tree
Rain Makes Applesauce
The Apple Doll
The Pumpkin Runner
Too Many Pumpkins
Pumpkin Soup
Room on the Broom
The Pumpkin Book
Pumpkin Circle
Sophie’s Squash
How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
Apples and Pumpkins
I Like Pumpkins
Pumpkin Town!
Little Boo
The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
The Roll-Away Pumpkin
The Scarecrow’s Dance
Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie
From Seed to Pumpkin

P.S. – If you’re one of our wonderful readers living in the Southern Hemisphere, check out our simplified summer reading bucket list for your current season!

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