10 Delightful Read Aloud Activities Your Kids Will Love

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INSIDE: 10 Delightful Read Aloud Activities Your Kids Will Love

The timing is perfect. You gather your kids around and open up an all-time favorite children’s book, ready to bestow the beauty and magic of the story and impart a piece of your childhood. Expectations (yours) are high. Thirty seconds in, one of them starts doing handstands on the couch.

No matter the age, sitting still and listening to a story can be a challenge. It’s perfectly normal. Have you tried to listen to an audio book without doing anything else at all? Falling asleep doesn’t count.

Let’s not have higher expectations for kids when it comes to read aloud time. A little purposeful activity to keep their hands busy and their minds free to listen will usually result in better attention.”

However, not all activities are ideal. Lego bricks are wonderful for open-ended play, but the noise created by busy hands rifling through Lego bins can be distracting during read aloud time.

The key is finding options that keep kids active but able to focus on a story, busy but not noisy enough to distract.

Snacks are always a good option. Here are a few other favorites.

25 Delightful Read Aloud Activities Your Kids Will Love

10 Delightful Read Aloud Activities Your Kids Will Love

1. Puzzles

Hands down, puzzles are one of the best read aloud activities. Almost any age appropriate puzzle will do. For example, try small puzzles that can be finished during reading time. Older kids may want to work on a larger puzzle over a longer period of time.

One thing is for sure, your kids will look forward to read aloud time – especially if you can find a puzzle with a theme similar to the book being read.

2. Origami

Quiet paper folding is an ideal activity for keeping hands busy and minds alert.

My First Origami Kit

Creativity for Kids Origami

Easy Origami

3. Lacing Cards

Any type of lacing activity will allow kids to concentrate on a story and still keep their hands busy.

Constellation Lacing Cards

4. Pattern Puzzles

These simple pattern puzzles have so many options and the added benefit of some stealth geometry.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

Wooden Tangram Geometry Puzzle

Magnetic Pattern Blocks with Chalkboard

5. Wooden Blocks

For children who love building things, wooden blocks and Plus Plus blocks offer them a chance to quietly build something while listening.


Keva Plank Set

6. Plus Plus Blocks

Plus Plus Basic Blocks

Plus Plus Neon Blocks

7. Modeling Beeswax or Clay

We don’t recommend play dough because it can be really messy. However modeling beeswax or clay can be a perfect alternative for molding, squishing, and patting.

25 Delightful Read Aloud Activities Your Kids Will Love

Modeling Beeswax

Modeling Clay

8. Weaving and Finger Knitting / Yarn Projects

The simple act of weaving can be very calming to the body and allow children to focus on a story being read.

Harrisville Loom Kit

Kids Quick Knit Loom

Finger Knitting Projects for Kids

9. Coloring Books

Most parents already know how calming a coloring book can be for a child. These beautiful books also teach a little something, too.

Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book

National Parks Coloring Book

Audubon’s Birds of America Coloring Book

Crayola Colored Pencils

10. Art and Nature Journals

A great way to keep hands busy while listening is through drawing or sketching. Different medium options allow for more creativity.

Mix Media Sketching Pad

Water Color Coloring Pencils

Ohuhu Water Coloring Brush Pens

36 Color Watercolor Artist Paint Set

Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set

Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketching Pencil Set

Matching the Activity to Your Child

Every child is different. The key to keeping their hands occupied while listening to a book being read is by matching an activity to their unique personality.

This will make read aloud time about more than just sharing books. It becomes a time for creating memories.

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